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The Infant Program (0-3 yrs)


Our 0-3 Infant Program aims to provide parents with the opportunity to engage with their child in a calm, nurturing Montessori environment.

Our Infant Program aims to:

  • Nurture the interests, curiosity and developmental needs of children 0-3 years of age.
  • Provide stimulating, hands-on and practical activities that develop skills of independence while engaging with others in a caring environment. We utilise a combination of specialised Montessori equipment and activities adapted to the principles of Montessori education.
  • Lay the foundations of future learning by developing a broad range of skills to foster independence, self-discipline and concentration while also educating the senses (e.g. visual, auditory, tactile).
  • Support parents in understanding the developmental needs of their young children.
  • Engage parents in furthering their understanding of Montessori Education, its philosophy and application.


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